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Where EAST meets the Northwest


From The Asian Reporter, V26, #10 (May 16, 2016), page 9.

The Asian Reporter Foundationís

2016 Exemplary Community Volunteer Awards

The Filipino-American Association of Vancouver, Washington. (AR Photo/Jan Landis)


Filipino-American Association of Vancouver, Washington

The Filipino-American Association of Vancouver, Washington (FAAV) ó formerly known as the Filipino American Association of Clark County and Vicinity (FAACCV) ó was founded in the early 1980s to preserve the Filipino culture and promote camaraderie among Filipino Americans in the Vancouver, Washington area. The organization, led by 18 officers and board members, maintains a list of barkadas (friends) from Vancouver, Portland, and other areas of the Pacific Northwest to aid in its mission to engage in humanitarian, civic, educational, cultural, and charitable activities that preserve, promote, and share the customs, values, and heritage of the Filipino culture. In the past year, FAAVís activities have included sponsoring Philippine Consular outreach in Portland, the Fil-Am Vancouver basketball team, and Filipino cultural events; awarding a college scholarship to a Filipino-American student; supporting a social business conference; and more. The organization also maintains a newsletter listing Filipino-American community events in the Pacific Northwest. To learn more, visit <>.

* * *

Salem Multicultural Institute & World Beat Festival. (AR Photo/Jan Landis)

Salem Multicultural Institute & World Beat Festival

The Salem Multicultural Institute (SMI) was founded in 1997 by two moms with young daughters who wished to respond to growing concern about racial tensions in Salem, Oregon. The organization, which is assisted by 1,000 volunteers, seeks to collaborate with public and private organizations to promote harmony and understanding through innovative, educational cultural programs and activities. In 1998, SMI hosted its first World Beat Festival (WBF), an annual celebration of the many cultures that are found in Oregon, and in 2006, the organization opened the World Beat Gallery at the Reed Opera House, which hosts cultural exhibits. SMIís programs serve more than 25,000 people of all ethnic backgrounds. The 2015 festival welcomed community members representing 65 cultures, while the gallery included educational exhibits highlighting Vietnam and the Philippines. In addition, the organizationís volunteers have served the community in the areas of cultural programming, referrals, and committee work. To learn more, visit <>.

* * *

Vietnamese Community of Oregon. (AR Photo/Jan Landis)

Vietnamese Community of Oregon

The Vietnamese Community of Oregon (VNCO) was established in 1995 to unite and support the voices of Vietnamese people in Oregon. The organization, which seeks to represent the more than 29,000 Vietnamese living in the state, advocates for community members, supports youth, and preserves and nourishes the traditions of Vietnamese culture. Among its many activities in the past year, VNCO offered free tax service for low-income Vietnamese families; served meals to the homeless at Potluck in the Park and breakfast to senior citizens at the Hollywood Senior Center; entered a float in the Rose Festival Parade (winning the "Rose Festival Court" award); organized the Memorial of the Fall of Sai Gon event; sent members to Washington, D.C. to advocate for human rights in Vietnam with U.S congresspersons; and hosted its two annual cultural events ó the Mid-Autumn Festival and Tet, the Vietnamese New Year. In addition, the organization reaches out to Sunday Vietnamese schools to encourage volunteer teachers and to advocate for academic support for students. To learn more, visit <>.

Nomination forms for the 2017 Exemplary Community Volunteer awards will be available

January 1, 2017 and will cover volunteer efforts performed between April 1, 2016 and March 31, 2017.

For more information, visit <> or <>.


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